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Thursday, 30 April 2015

2015 NFL Draft: A Scout's Eye View, Bud Dupree DE/OLB Kentucky

Alvin (Bud) Dupree DE/OLB Kentucky

Measurables: 6'4 269.. 32 5/8" arms.. 9 3/4" hands

Combine Results: 4.56 40 yard dash, 42" vertical jump, 138" broad jump

Scouting Notes: Good size for an edge rusher, lacks ideal arm length but has a good athletic body with impressive muscle definition all over and a well developed lower half...An explosive athlete with outstanding acceleration and burst off the ball, his testing numbers that measure explosion would make any running back entering the league envious, gets to top speed quickly and has a impressive top end speed...Very light feet, excellent closing speed off the edge, once he wins the edge the passer has no chance, he closes downhill on the quarterback closing the gap in a blink, as quick as any pass rusher in the draft...A fluid athlete who plays with good natural knee bend, has great flexibility, moves very well and looks real natural in space, stays in a good low athletic position, has better than average cover skills for an edge player, especially one who is asked to rush the passer so often...Very impressive short area quickness and change of direction skills...Not a great bull rusher, lacks anything resembling a strong initial punch off the ball, rarely knocks his opponent on his heels at the point of attack and seems to lack the horsepower to walk his man backward and collapse the pocket, shorter arms are an issue as he has a hard time winning the leverage game despite playing with a good low pad level, seems to consistently get stopped in his tracks when he meets the  lineman, or even meets a strong tight end head on, the play is over for him once the offensive lineman latches on with inside hand position, he doesnt explode into his opponent the way you'd like, lacks refinement as a pass rusher, doesn't possess a wide range of moves, seems to rely exclusively on burst, speed and quickness off the ball as a pass rusher as well as an extremely high motor, he's a high energy player who uses his motor along with great football instincts to constantly be around the football, he's relentless in pursuit both as a pass rusher as well as against the run...He has the natural tools to reach much greater heights, with good coaching, with continued development technique wise he could become something special as a pass rusher, he can't rely solely on speed at the next level....Better than you'd expect against the run, he possesses the functional strength and plays with a good enough low pad level to hold his ground, to anchor down and set the edge consistently and shed his blocker in time to make the play....He plays 100 miles per hour but he also plays with discipline, always seems to be where he's supposed to be both in coverage as well as defending the run, stays at home, doesnt get caught out of position too often...He's an explosive hitter, he arrives to the ball with his hair on fire and consistently drives through the ball carrier, hits hard and wraps up...Has very good eyes, sees the play, finds the football and closes on it in a flash...Has always had a knack for the big play, has been highly productive throughout his collegiate career racking up 21 sacks in the past three years...Very NFL ready after starting for over three seasons at Kentucky in the SEC, paired up against top flight collegiate competition week in and week out....Possesses schematic versatility, has the size and the tools to play in a two point stance as an outisde linebacker in a 3-4 or play with his hand on the ground as a 4-3 end, did both in college, seemed to have more explosiveness standing up....Has a high football IQ with great natural instincts for the game, processes information and diagnoses plays quickly.

Draft Grade: Mid to late 1st Round


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