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Friday, 10 April 2015

2015 NFL Mock Draft: Predicting the First Ten Picks

The 2015 NFL Draft is just weeks away and this time of the year there is a ton of speculations about trades, players sliding in the draft and most importantly, who will go number one overall?

This time of year mock NFL drafts are very popular and as a writer of the sport, I find them to be very fun to think about and create. In most cases, there is a surprise pick early on or a trade that shakes the entire draft up.

NFL mock drafts are designed to help fans understand where these prospects rank and most importantly for fans across the country, let them have an idea of who their favorite team will be targeting come draft night.

I am going to run a mock draft on the first ten picks of the 2015 NFL Draft. The draft is such an unpredictable sporting event, that within a week something could happen, such as a trade, which would throw the entire mock draft into a complete free fall.

Here is my top ten NFL picks for the 2015 NFL Draft as we currently sit here with about a month to go until the real action takes place on draft night.

1st overall pick- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jameis Winston

2nd overall pick- Tennessee Titans- Marcus Mariota

3rd overall pick- Jacksonville Jaguars- Leonard Williams

4th overall pick- Oakland Raiders- Amari Cooper

5th overall pick- Washington Redskins- Vic Beasley

6th overall pick- New York Jets- Randy Gregory

7th overall pick- Chicago Bears- Kevin White

8th overall pick- Atlanta Falcons- Todd Gurley

9th overall pick- New York Giants- Dante Fowler, Jr.

10th overall pick- St. Louis Rams- La’El Collins

So, there you have the top ten picks of the 2015 NFL Draft, in my opinion, as we sit here today with about a month to go. I’m sure these projections will change multiple times before draft night arrives, but that’s the fun of the entire event.

The unpredictably of the NFL Draft makes it one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, despite it not actually being an on the field sporting event.


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