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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Daily Fantasy Golf Picks: The Million Dollar Masters


The trip of a lifetime would be a walk around Amen corner on Sunday of the Masters.  Few get to experience it, but all who do cherish it.  Whether you drop a ball in Rae’s creek and take a double on 12 or you come through Amen Corner -1 and race to a green jacket, it is quite simply the greatest walk in the world.

I would love to fill this page with history lessons and great moments from Augusta.  As well as talk about all the differences this tournament has than any other.   It is straight old school, and not the movie old school, but old traditions both good and bad. 

Caddies will be wearing minimum security jumpsuits, women and non-whites were first allowed only 15 year ago, but you can also get a beer on the course for only $3. 

It’s not the front and back nine, it’s the first and second nine. 

There are no fans, but tons of patrons.

Like I said, I could go on for pages, but we are not here for those traditions and memories.  We are here for the Green.  No, not the Green Jacket…none of us can win that, but the Green in my wallet when we take down the Million Dollar prize on DraftKings this week.

So enough with the greatness of the Masters Golf Tournament.  If you want that, just tune in to CBS after you make you’re lineups and enjoy as I shall.   If you want a Million dollar pay day, then read on.

How Bad Weather could make you a Millionaire:

I really wish it would be clear skies and low winds forecasted, but that is simply not the case.  This tournament is a long hitter’s paradise when the wind is not blowing in from the North West, which is anticipated on Saturday and Sunday.  Why is that significant?

A strong NW wind will make the two closing par fives (13 & 15) almost unreachable in two, and will put more of an emphasis on ball and trajectory control.  Since 2000 here is the list of Master’s winners. 

Singh, Woods, Woods, Weir, Mickelson, Woods, Mickelson, Z.Johnson, Immelman, Cabrera, Mickelson, Schwartzel, Watson, Scott, Watson.   

Why is this significate?  Well two years out of these 15 there has been a NW wind on the weekend.   Both times, and only those two times have golfers not known for their distance won the tournament.  Mike Weir and Zach Johnson. 

Now you may be saying, “Perry is reaching”, and heck yea I am.  You know who takes down a Million Dollar DraftKings tournament?  The won who reaches the furthest and finds a gem.  Just ask the two Millionaire winners that took Jonas Grey in football.

I am going to be very focused on the weather the next two days and tomorrows article will have few golfers I think can surprise the world with a win.  Make two lineups, one wind and rain related and one not and hope it is windy and you reached far enough for that gem.


  1. 1.       Par five scoring:  Long hitters thrive and if you’re going to win you’re going to play the par 5s well under par.  I would like to put Driving distance here as well, but the best example of that is Rory McIlroy.  You’re never going to fade him if driving distance is important, but his scoring on the Par5s at Augusta is the sole reason he hasn’t won here yet.
  2. 2.       Scrambling: Each of the last five winners have been in the top 5 for the tournament in scrambling.  They’re all going to miss these greens, those who recover the best do the best.
  3. 3.       3 putt avoidance:  There are some horrendous putts and these will be the fastest greens they play this year (without the rain).  Avoiding three putts and lagging putts will be key to victory.  Besides it will be fitting that a great putter win on Ben Crenshaw’s (maybe the best putter of all time) last Masters.
  4. 4.       Course Knowledge:  Don’t be a hero and pick some newbie on a whim or even a second year guy.  Fuzzy Zoeller in 1979 was the last golfer to win the Masters on their first try. 

DraftKings first look and random thoughts:  If you played all year so far, you will notice a crazy difference in pricing this week.  Guys that are 9-10k are now 7-8k.  It is because all and not some of the best are here to play. 

  1. Rory McIlroy:  I refuse to pay $2700 more on a golfer that is not Tiger woods in his prime. Someone needs to tell my why they would pay that much more for him over Bubba Watson who is putting a ton better and won this 2 out of last 3 year? 
  2. Jordan Speith:  Kid is hot, but seems like he can’t close. 
  3. Jason Day:  Every odd year he hits a top five.  Would be a Masters champion if not for the stuff between his ears.  Is this the year he keeps it together?
  4. Dustin Johnson/Henrik Stenson:  Have a feeling one of these two will be fitted for a new Jacket.
  5. Adam Scott:  Long putter…short putter…long putter….indecision will kill you this weekend.
  6. Jimmy Walker:  I have my pen, where do I sign. $8,900 is a steal.
  7. Tiger Woods:  I’m such a fan, it pains me to fade him.  They showed an hour of him chipping on Live from the Masters and he looked good.  Reports are he is killing it off tee and hasn’t shanked a chip.  Welcome back, I’ll throw you in a cheap lineup just because, but I will be fading you on anything important.
  8. J.B Holmes:  Sucks that he won last week.  If he is not the most owned golfer this weekend I will be scratching my head.
  9. Steve Stricker:  Well the Badgers can’t be champs, maybe this Wisconsinite can win one for the State.
  10. Miguel Angel Jimenez/Fred Couples/Bernhard Langer:  I would bet good money one of these 3 make the top ten.
  11. Kevin Na:  He doesn’t have the best track record here, but when I saw him for 6k his name jumped out at me.  Bad weather long shot winner!!
  12. Mikko Ilonen:  I kinda like taking Europeans, since they tend to go un-noticed.  He definitely has my attention.

Well that’s all for now.  Check back tomorrow afternoon for my picks and sixsome to win a million dollars.

Happy Drafting,



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