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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

New Orleans Saints 2015 Schedule: Game-by-Game Predictions

Anyone who tells you they know how the New Orleans Saints 2015 season is going to unfold is either a psychic or a liar. I’m not a psychic, but I can pretend to be one after looking at the team’s official schedule. After a one year hiatus the team looks poised to make a chase for the playoffs, if for no other reason than the football gods decreed the NFC South face the AFC South in 2015. Here’s a closer look: 

 The team opens on the road against the Arizona Cardinals. Sean Payton wants his team to be tougher in 2015 and the Cardinals had one of the toughest defenses in the NFL. If the Saints can  keep Carson Palmer and his surgically repaired knees in check, they might be able to eke out a win. 

Cardinals 24, Saints 17


Week 2 Brings The Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Dome. Logic says this will be the Saints first crack at Jameis Winston, but the Bucs have never been one to let logic get in the way.

Saints 30, Bucs 24

Week 3 brings a date with the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers won the division with a record of 7-8-1. The Panthers will enter the season as the favorite, but this division can be won by just about anyone. Except Tampa Bay.

Panthers 28, Saints 21

The Saints take on the Cowboys in Week 4 for a Sunday Night Football matchup. On paper, the Saints should lose this one pretty. However, the Saints save their best efforts for Al Michaels’ and Chris Collinsworth’s visits to the Super Dome.

Saints 41, Cowboys 35

The Philadelphia Eagles are the opponents in Week 5. The Saints will have to be for Chip Kelly’s QB trio of Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, and Tim Tebow. Rumor has it Kelly is working on plays to get all three on the field at the some time.

Saints 30, Eagles 20

 The Saints host the Falcons on a Thursday Night in Week 6. The Falcons are what the Saints used to be: a dynamic offense with an atrocious defense. New coach Dan Quinn will likely try to fix the latter issue. He would also be wise to solve the issue of keeping his wide receivers healthy for an entire season.

Saints 25, Falcons 21

Week 7 pits the Saints against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have one of the most dynamic passing offense in the NFL. The Saints had one of the worst pass defenses last year. New cornerback Brandon Browner, should help, but this could still be ugly.

Colts 41, Saints 34

The New York Giants are the opponent in Week 8. On paper, this should be a tough test. Super Bowl winning quarterback/coach combo. All-world talent at wide receiver. And yet…the Giants find ways to underachieve on a yearly basis that make the Saints seem like a model of consistency.

Saints 27, Giants 20 

The Titans come to town in week 9. This could be Zach Mettenberger’s return to Louisiana. Mettenberger played college ball at LSU. He wasn’t terribly good there. He isn't terribly good in Tennessee, either.

Saints 35, Titans 17

Week 10 is a matchup with the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are a lot like the Giants in that the expectations vs. results almost never matchup. The only difference is pretty clear why the Redskins fail: everyone hates each other. 

Saints 24, Redskins 10

After a bye, the Saints travel to Houston to play the Texans. The Texans run the ball extremely well and play excellent defense. In order to win the Saints will have to hope the Texans can’t find anyone better than Brian Hoyer to line up at quarterback

Texans 35, Saints 17 

A rematch with the Panthers awaits in week 13. Cam Newton seem to play his best games against the Saints. One of these days, the Saints will practice tackling mobile quarterbacks.

Panthers 37, Saints 20

The Saints take on the Buccaneers again in Week 14. Lovie Smith may or may not still be employed.

Saints 41, Buccaneers 20

The Saints played the Lions last year in an early season matchup where they completely fell apart in the fourth quarter. They will seek redemption in the Sunday night Home game. See Week 4 for analysis on the pick

Saints 38, Lions 21

Week 16: Saints vs. Jaguars. Drew Brees vs. Blake Bortles. Next!!!

Saints 30, Jags 10 

Week 17’s matchup with the Falcons could be for the division title or the sad end to a rebuilding year. Either way, it figures to relatively quiet in the Georgia Dome, Now that the Falcons aren’t allowed to pipe in artificial noise.

Falcons 31, Saints 20

Final Record: 10-6


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