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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Patriots 2015 Game by Game Predications: What to expect?


The Patriots 2015 regular season schedule has finally been released, so it is time to look at each game and see what the matchup looks like. 


Week 1: Pittsburgh Steelers 

Opening night game the New England Patriots get to face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This would normally be a tough season opener, but Le'veon Bell is serving a three game suspension to open the season. This game will still be a tough matchup for the Patriots becaus the Steelers can really chuck the ball around the field, and the Patriots secondary will be lacking without Revis and Browner, but ultimately the Patriots will pull out a victory in their season opener. 

WIN 28-24

Week 2: @ Buffalo Bills

Division games are always tough, and division games against Rex Ryan are always tough for the Patriots. Rex is trying to rebuild his defensive ground and pound team and it as always will condense the game and limit the Patriots opportunites. The Patriots will have to grind out this game as well, but will come out of Buffalo with a vcitory to move to 2-0.

WIN 21-17

Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars

A home game against a weak Jacksonville team should be a layup for the Patriots in week 3. It will be a great home game for the team, and this game should never be in question. While Jacksonville has made moves this year, signing Julius Thomas and bringing in Sergio Brown, and they own the number 3 overall pick in the draft they will not be imporving significantly enough to be able to compete with the Patriots. They are a few years away from that. 

WIN 35-14


Week 5: @ Dallas Cowboys

This is arguably one of the toughest games of the season, particularly because they are playing in Dallas. Losing Revis may shine brightly when they have to deal with covering Dez Bryant. The Cowboys will present a tough challenge for the Patriots. They have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, a dynamic group of receivers, potentially a 1st round running back (IF they land Gurley). Overall the Dallas Cowboys in Jerry World will be too much for the Patriots, and Dallas hands New England their first loss of the season. 

LOSS 31-28

Week 6: @ Indianapolis Colts

The Deflategate rematch is finally here. The Colts have always gotten demolished by the Patriots home or away, regular season or playoffs it doesn't matter. Nothing will change this season. The Colts did nothing but piss off the Patriots after the AFC Championship and the Patriots have circled this date on their calender. This game will be an absolute blow out and the Patriots will not let their foot off the gas. They will embarass the Colts in their own house.

WIN 48-14

Week 7: New York Jets

The return of Darrelle Revis to Gillette Stadium. Will he get booed or will he get applauded for aiding a Super Bowl Championship? It doesn't matter, once the game starts the Patriots take over and are too much for rookie head coach Todd Bowles. He will be overwhelmed by the game plan that the Patriots throw at him, and will be run out of the stadium

WIN 35-21

Week 8: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have made a few nice additions to their team but it won't be enough to overcome the gap between the Patriots and Dolphins. The Patriots have always owned the Dolphins in Gillette Stadium, and this time will be no different. Division games are always closer then usual, but the Patriots will get out this game with another victory. 

WIN 24-14

Week 9: Washington Redskins

The Patriots play host to the Redskins in week 9. And even in week 9 the Redskins still have not figured their quarterback situation, which leads to a blowout in Gillette Stadium. The Redskins will get run out of the stadium as the Patriots are completely out of the Redskins league. 

WIN 35-17

Week 10: @ New York Giants

Tom Coughlin always seems to have the Patriots number. Odell Beckham Jr. could be a nightmare for the Patriots. If the Giants add another receiver, or a reliable three down runningback they could have a tough offense to gameplan against. The Giants will play the Patriots tough but the Patriots will squeak out a victory against the Giants.

WIN 24-21

Week 11: Buffalo Bills

The Bills come into Gillette Stadium for their second meeting with the Patriots of the season. The Patriots were able to escape Buffalo with a victory in week 2, but this time around they handle the Bills with much more ease. The unstable quarterback play ultimately sink the Bills and is the reason why they lose the game in week 11. 

WIN 28-14

Week 12: @ Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady once again. This time there will be no discussion of who is the better quarterback. Tom Brady took over that crown handedly when he won his fourth Super Bowl. The Patriots get Manning and the Broncos on a short week but despite the limited preperation time they are able to leave Denver with a victory as Gronkowski is, and will always be too much for Denver to handle.

WIN 35-31

Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have dominated headlines adding Demarco Murray, Byron Maxwell, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford & Ryan Matthews. They have loaded up on both sides of the ball and are ready to roll in 2015. The speed of Chip Kelly's offense will ultimately be too much for the secondary of the Patriots and the Eagles will be leaving Gillette Stadium with a victory. 

LOSS 28-24

Week 14: @ Houston Texans

The Patriots get to see old friends again as they travel to Houston to play Vince Wilfork and Bill O'Brien. The Texans defense will give the Patriots a tough challenge, but the Texans lack of quarterback will lead to their loss to the Patriots. A road game in the NFL is never easy but the Patriots will be leaving Houston with a victory. 

WIN 28-17

Week 15: Tennessee Titans

Tennessee picking number 2 overall in this years draft doesn't make any progress towards becoming a competitive team, and the Patriots roll right over them in Gillette Stadium. The Titans are never close to making this a game and it is over after the first quarter. 

WIN 42-14

Week 16: @ New York Jets

The Jets get their second crack at the Patriots in week 15 but they are not able to gain any ground, as by this time the season they have no answer at QB and are locked in to be drafting in the top 10 of the 2016 NFL Draft. The Patriots are in full playoff mode still looking to secure home field advantage and they will rout the New York Jets. 

WIN 35-17

Week 17: @ Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady never plays well in Miami. Now playing Miami in December could be a little different. Luckily for Brady, the Patriots secured home field advantage and he does not need to play. Patriots rest their starters and get ready for the chase for ring number five. 

LOSS 28-14

The Patriots finish the season at 13-3 and position themselves as the number one seed for the playoffs. The Patriots are handed a fairly easy schedule this year, and should be able to get on quite a hot streak rolling into the playoffs. It should be a fun season for Patriots fans, with plenty of victories. 



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