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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New York Giants: Mock Draft; What Reese Should And Could Do

I’ve been covering the Giants for over 8 years now and each time I put together my version of a mock draft; I try to keep in mind what would GM Jerry Reese do. Unfortunately; year after year I could never come close to what Reese selects.  Reese is notorious for having a poker face and making selections that often times seems senseless. To his credit, Reese had some picks pan out (most recently Odell Beckham Jr.). However; Reese overall body of work is questionable and he needs to turn it around. The following mock draft is purely based on what I would like to see the Giants do and what Reese could do. I will not reflect trades (which rarely happens with Reese anyway), although I would welcome trading back in the early rounds (Rounds 2 or 3) if needed for additional needed picks.


Round 1

My Pick-Alvin (Bud) Dupree (DE) Kentucky (6’4/270): Despite the Giants placing the franchise tag on JPP. The Giants need to make sure that they have a backup plan in case JPP isn’t signed beyond next season.  Another important factor with Dupree is that he was a captain for the wildcats in 2014; and we all know how much stock Jerry Reese has in captains. Dupree has all the tools and can be a playmaker either from a 2 point or 3 point stance. Unless WR’s Amari Cooper, Kevin White or (DE) Dante Fowler Jr. slipped to #9 (which is possible, but very unlikely). This should be the selection for the Giants.

Reese’s Pick: DeVante Parker (WR) Louisville (6’3/210): Parker has outstanding body control, soft hands and the ability to catch the ball in traffic. Parker has a knack of adjusting to the ball well and will win many one on one matches. Parker will thrive in OC Ben McAdoo’s offensive system.  

Conclusion:  In my opinion, Dupree’s stock is rising and the fact that he was basically the only star defensive player for Kentucky speaks volumes for the ability. . Reese selection of Parker who is very close to White and Cooper indicates his concerns for Cruz and also the possibility of not re-signing Rueben Randle after 2015. If Kevin White or Amari Cooper is still on the board, Reese will select either one with the 9th pick.

 Round 2

  My Pick-Stephone Anthony (MLB) Clemson (6’2/245): Nasty demeanor and an explosive first step gives Anthony the edge over many opponents. Reads plays early, executes well; which puts him in position to make plays. Anthony is a 3 down MLB as he is equally capable against the run and short pass coverage.  Anthony attacks the hole and displays good technique when tackling.

Reese’s PickJalen Collins (CB) LSU (6’1/203):  Rare combination of speed and power with the foot quickness unmatched by many of the CB in this draft. Collin’s equally effective against the run as well; with the desire to create contact. Collins ceiling is arguably the highest among all CB’s in this draft.

Conclusion: Reese and I at least agree on addressing the defensive side of the ball in round 2. Both are top notch prospects and again, both will serve well for the Giants for many years to come.


  Round 3

My Pick-Tre Jackson (OG) Florida State (6’4/330): Very strong and excellent technique blocker. Jackson is very effective as a pulling guard, as he always finds someone to hit. Needs to work on his footwork, but all the tools are there for him to be a quality starting OG at the NFL level.

Reese’s Pick- Ali Marpet (OG) Hobart (6’4/307): Marpet had an exceptional combine; which put him more on the map. Marpet has quick feet and held his own at the Senior Bowl against better competition. Marpet has expressed interest in playing for the Giants and perhaps he could get his wish.

Conclusion:  OG Jackson can start from day one and provide the Giants will dominate run blocking machine to help the running game. Marpet has a blue collar mentality and will battle on every down. I believe both of very solid OG and would be happy with either selection.

Round 4

My Pick- Eric Rowe (CB) Utah (6’1/205): Good size and speed with a long frame. Has the ability to disrupt WR off the line and play man-to-man coverage. Rowe could be viewed as possibly a FS at the pro level by many teams since he played FS in his 1st three seasons at Utah before converting to CB. Rowe would be able to contribute in his rookie year as a rotational CB/FS in certain packages.

Reese’s pick- Lynden Trail (DE) Norfolk State (6’7/269): Trail is an intriguing prospect with his size and speed. Trail did well in the combine and could easily add 15-20 lbs to his frame without missing a beat. The main question will be: Can Trail play at a higher level and succeed?

Conclusion:  In round 4. Defense is addressed and once again, Reese and I pick players who should make an immediate impact on defense. CB Rowe could very well be the FS the Giants are looking for if they choose to go in that direction; and DE Trail could be a great addition to the Giants DL.

Round 5

My Pick- Durrell Eskridge (FS) Syracuse (6’3/208): Eskridge has good size (6’3/208) and speed (4.63) to go along with long arms (a trait GM Reese likes). Eskridge plays physical and displays great character and fits into the Giants mold.

Reese’s Pick: Taiwan Jones (ILB) Michigan State (6’3/245): Outstanding size and durability. Jones is a heat seeking missile as he initiates contact. Excellent closing speed and has played both OLB and ILB. Many scouts have compared Jones to Nico Johnson.

Conclusion: Great minds think alike as Jerry Reese and I select defense in the 5th round. Eskridge is an exceptional safety and offers a multitude of options to give the Giants the needed depth at the safety position. Jones could serve as a solid rotational LB and also contribute on special teams as a rookie. Jones could development into a solid MLB and replace Beason in the near future.


Round 6

My Pick- Derrick Lott (DT) Chattanooga: Lott has good size and speed (6’4/314 4.99) for a DT and moves extremely well in terms of quickness off the point of attack. Despite weighing 314lbs, Lott can move on the edge and create matchup problems. Only concern with Lott is that he is few years older as he transferred from Georgia and redshirted in 2009. Regardless; Lott is worth the selection in the 6th round and could be a solid rotational DT with the Giants defense.

Reese’s Pick: Adrian Amos (S) Penn State (6’0/218): Amos has great range and is very dependable in his coverage responsibilities. Amos has a high football IQ and does his homework on opposing teams. More of a centerfielder and not an inside the box type of safety.

Conclusion:  Originally, I was going to select a WR here, but opted to go with a DT instead. Lott is a very intriguing prospect and could be a value in the 6th round and too good to pass up. Reese addresses the S position with a dependable safety out of Penn State.

Round 7A

My Pick- Antwan Goodley (WR) Baylor (5’10/209: Goodley would be the perfect insurance in case Victor Cruz is not ready by opening day. Goodley has vertical speed and explosiveness. Great body control and excels at catch and run. Goodley can play the slot as well as the outside and is equally dangerous. Goodley is a great late round value that will give the Giants another weapon.

Reese’s Pick: Karlos Williams (RB) Florida State: Good size and speed (6’1/230 4.48); Williams displayed excellent cut back ability and was equally effective between the tackles as well as taking it to the outside. Off field issues (domestic violence, never charged) has Williams available in the late rounds. GM Reese is no stranger when it comes to drafting a talented RB in the late rounds with issues (Ahmad Bradshaw), perhaps Reese will do it again.

Conclusion:  Ilike both picks here and if it was possible, I would of liked to have both on my mock draft. However; I didn’t feel that it was realistic to draft both, so I choose WR Goodley over RB Williams. Goodley has the versatility that Jerry Reese converts and could be a steal in round 7.


Round 7B (from Denver)

My Pick-Josh Robinson (RB) Mississippi State (5’8/213): Robinson is pure strength, especially his lower body. Very rarely does Robinson go down from an arm tackle as he probably leads all backs in college football in breaking free from initial contact. Robinson can also catch the ball out of the backfield and is an above average blocker. Robinson could be a steal in the later rounds and will make an NFL team very happy they selected him.

Alternative Pick by Me: Corey Grant (RB) Auburn (5’11/205): Grant recorded times of 4.28/4.30 in the 40 yard dash on his pro day. Grant has recorded a 37-inch vertical jump and 22 reps on the bench. What does all this translate into; not a lot. Grant was not the featured back at Auburn, however; one could argue that his limited play will benefit him as he didn’t have wear and tear. Grant’s reported speed alone should be enough to have his name called on the final day of the draft. Can do everything; run, catch and block. The question is: Can he take it to the next level and be a viable asset for a team in the NFL.

Reese’s Pick: E.J Bibbs (TE) Iowa State (6’2/258): Bibbs shows flashes of what he could become, although he lacks the consistency to be considered a starting TE at the NFL level.  Has good hands and above average speed for a TE, but needs to work more on his blocking. Bibbs can also play FB/HB in the NFL in certain packages; which would enhance his opportunity to make an NFL roster.

Alternative Pick by Reese: Deon Simon (DT) Northwestern State (La) (6’4/321): Reese can also lean towards a DT in round 7 instead of a TE, if so; a solid 7th rounder would be Deon SimonSimon has a big  body with extreme power. A space eater and perfect for a team like the Giants who employ a rotational system. Would collapse the middle along with Hankins to give the Giants a formidable pair of DT to stop the inside run.

Conclusion: Talk about a late round steal, well look no further than RB Robinson. Giant fans are going to love this kid when he touches the ball. He will remind most of Joe Morris with a bit more athletic ability and speed. TE Bibbs could surprise people as he does have the ability to be a contributor in the NFL. Perhaps in OC Ben McAdoo’s offensive system, Bibbs could excel and be used in some packages.

As for my alternate picks for both myself and Reese; I felt that it’s a possibility that the Giants could go with Grant instead of Robinson (although I believe if given the chose, Robinson would be the choice). As for Reese, he could very well skip on a TE in this again for the 2nd straight year and possibly go with a DT.

 Final Thoughts:  A lot can happen before, during and after the draft. Perhaps Reese surprises us and trades either up or back, or maybe a top 5 prospects falls into the Giants lap at #9. Regardless; it is vital that Reese is at his very best in the 2015 draft as it could be his last with the Giants as GM.  Sitting in the 9th position in most of the rounds should provide the Giants and Reese ample selections to find the BPA in each round. Hopefully; Reese can find enough playmakers on both sides of the ball to give the Giants a chance to finally get back to the playoffs.




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