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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Best Player Names in the 2015 NFL Draft

If you are looking for hard-hitting analysis of college talent, this ain’t the article for you. Go join Mel Kiper Jr. in his mom’s basement and enjoy all the Fritos you can eat while pouring over an endless loop of game-tape of every potential special teams contributor at the D-3 level.

40-times, bench press, 3-cone, 10-yard shuttles…they only give you a glimpse into what really matters when it comes to prospect analysis. How would their name look on the back of the jersey and in a media guide? Now that’s what I call a sure-fire draft strategy!

Talent evaluators that get paid mega-bucks to project what kind of player a kid will become in the league may act like they have the secret sauce, but the fact is that my method may not be that far off. All due respect to every Mr. Smith/Washington/Jones, but you won't find any of them here. This is a list of the Best Player Names in the 2015 NFL Draft!


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