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Monday, 20 April 2015

Tim Tebow To Eagles Is Genius: Great Man, Great Football Player

Chip Kelly, you are a genius.


The deal was made official today.  Tim Tebow is an Eagle.


This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill!!!


If you read Tim Tebow To Eagles Is A Mistake: Great Man, But Not Quarterback you know by now this is a response to that article. 


We all know about Tim Tebow’s character so I am not going to include anything about that in this response.  This is solely about that notion that he doesn’t deserve to be a back-up quarterback in the NFL.


Haters are going to focus exclusively on his passing mechanics/numbers and bypass his running and playmaking ability.  So, let’s start there.  Tebow has been working with QB guru Tom House for the last 18 months and House has stated that Tebow is “fixed.”  House was quoted saying "What amazes me is this young man, with no job prospects, has prepared just as hard as he would if he were the No. 1 quarterback for an NFL team. He's busted his butt. He spins the ball better than he did, and he's much more accurate than he was. I think he's ready."  That sounds like quite the endorsement to me from the most respected quarterback coach around.


That all being said, Tebow was already an NFL quality back-up quarterback with just the running and playmaking ability that won him a playoff game in Denver.  No team was willing to take the chance because of the media circus that surrounded him.  Take a look at some of the current back-up QB’s in the league and tell me Tebow doesn’t deserve to be one.


Now, let’s consider the team Tebow is signing with.  Chip Kelly.  DeMarco Murray. This is tailor made for Tim.  An offensive minded (and possibly crazy) coach and a dominant running back (remember how well McGahee played with Tebow?).  If he is going to succeed it is in Philly.


Chip Kelly must have a lot of faith to sign Tim Tebow. That’s a good thing though. Kelly’s going to need a lot of faith to put up with the haters.


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