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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tim Tebow To Eagles Is A Mistake: Great Man, But Not Quarterback

 Chip Kelly, what are you thinking???


According to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer, Tim Tebow and the Philadelphia Eagles have come to terms on a contract The deal is expected to be made official on Monday.


This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill!!!


Tebow, 27, is known for his all-pro hype despite having sub-pro quarterback skills. He last played in an NFL game during the 2012 season. Tebow played for the Patriots during the 2013 pre-season, but was released before their first regular season game.


Tebow is probably one of the greatest human beings on earth off the field. I've met multiple people who have interacted with Tebow and call him “a gentleman and kind-hearted man.” He runs charity organizations and puts God and family before anything else. Compared to other stars in the NFL, Tebow is practically a saint.


However this isn't “the good fellas of Football” (to take a quote from the Sports Guy Mike show from NBC Sports Radio.) The Eagles are a brink in the National Football League. There is no room for experimenting, especially with head coach Chip Kelly's job on the line. He's made one head-scratching move after another this season. For example, the trading of LeShawn McCoy raised at least a few eyebrows.


With the signing of Tebow, the Eagles now have five quarterbacks on the active roster-Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, GJ Kinne and Matt Barkley. Sanchez already suffered through Tebow-mania after playing with the former Heisman Trophy winner while with the Jets in 2012. Can you imagine what Sanchez, who signed a two-year $16.5 million contract ($5.5 million guaranteed) must be thinking? I'm sure some of it can't be said on television without the FCC knocking on the door.


For some reason, the old Sesame Street song “One of these things just doesn't belong here” is coming to mind. Tebow is a great person, but signing him to a roster that already has four NFL quarterbacks seems like a head-scratching move at best. Also couple that with the media frenzy that follows Tebow's every move. I'm sure there are some media outlets planning 24/7 coverage of the Tebow signing. It just doesn't seem like a smart move for Kelly and the Eagles, but then again what has been a smart move for them this off-season?


Tebow recently has been working as a College Football analyst for ESPN, but always stated he wanted to return to the NFL. Maybe signing with the Eagles can resurrect Tebow's career. I hope so because he is a good man and deserves a second chance in the league. If Roger Goodell is giving seconds chances to Ray Rice, who knocked his fiancee unconscious in an elevator and Adrian Peterson, who reportedly beat his child with a switch, then the league should give Tebow, a faithful Christian, a second chance. Tebow deserves to play again in the NFL. He deserves to get that chip off his shoulder and show what type of quarterback he's developed into.


Chip Kelly must have a lot of faith to sign Tebow. That's a good thing though. Kelly's going to need a lot of faith to get through the 2015 season with his job intact.   


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