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Thursday, 14 May 2015

2015 NFL Draft: 10 Picks Teams Will Instantly Regret

The NFL Draft is over.  Some teams are happy with their choices.  Some teams wish they had the infamous do overs.  And some are just oblivious to what just happened. 

Here are regrets for things done and not done.  In no particularly order, because face it regret is regret. 


10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Daunte Fowler Jr.

This is a regret you could not have predicted.  Fowler tore his ACL and will be out for the season.  Fowler was a first round selection.  He was the edge rusher the Jaguars needed.  And now he is out. 


9. Denver Broncos: Jeff Heuerman

Another rookie another loss.  Heuerman also tore his ACL and is expected to be out for the season.  Heuerman was expected to be the tight end that could both block and be valuable in the passing game.  Another regret that could not be predicted. 


8. Philadelphia Eagles: Not getting the quarterback

So Chip Kelly reportedly kicked the tires on the prospect of getting his quarterback Marcus Mariota.  He reportedly shopped around a couple of players.  And he eventually found the price to be too high?  Does he regret not getting Mariota?  Or does he regret more the ruffled feathers of those who are still in the locker room?  The trading room fodder?  The expendables?


7. Dallas Cowboys: Not drafting a running back

An instant regret that may linger for awhile.  The Cowboys lose DeMarco Murray.  And then they acquired Darren McFadden in free agency.  So a durable running back in the draft?  Nah!  The Cowboys will stick to the belief that their offensive line can make a star out of anyone.  Anyone? 


6. Carolina Panthers: Leaving Cam Newton Out to Dry

Run Cam Run!  It seems that the Panthers believe Michael Oher can be a reliable left tackle.  Unfortunately, this is not a movie with a happy ending.  Yes, he does have another big receiving option.  Will that help when he is running for his life?


5. Indianapolis Colts: Wide Receiver Phillip Dorsett

This is not a knock on Dorsett, but a slap on the Colts.  The Colts' defense got bullied.  So you would expect them to go big on defenders who can make an immediate impact.  Alas, that didn't happen.


4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Senquez Golson

Golson sturggles against bigger bodies and he is raw against the run.  Did I mention he is also slight of size.  So yes, it worked with all everything Troy Polamalu.  But Polamalu is a rare gem.  And Golson is no Polamalu. 


3. Kansas City Chiefs: Wide receiver?

So the lack of production from the wide receivers in Kansas City requires drafting a developmental wide receiver in the draft?  First forget that they acquired ex-Washington Marcus Peters as their first choice.  He may be good.  He is good.  But he has some issues that have him labeled a character risk.  He might be a lockdown corner.  Then again the Chiefs wide receivers might get in the end zone this year?


2. Tennessee Titans: Marcus Mariota

By all accounts Mariota is a great guy.  How many wins does that equal exactly?  What could the Titans have acquired for Mariota had they yanked on the Eagles chain a little?  Is this system the best fit for Mariota?   Is this a symbiotic regret?  Don't you think Mariota wishes he was in Philadelphia?


1. San Francisco 49ers: Arik Armstead

Armstead is a gifted athlete.  He is also raw.  Head coach Jim Tomsula admitted as much when he conceded Armstead will take time to adjust.  Just what you want to hear about a first round choice.  Especially on a team that is leaking retirements, defections and losses on both sides of the ball. 


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