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Saturday, 2 May 2015

2015 NFL Draft: A Scout's Eye View: Brett Hundley QB UCLA

Brett Hundley QB UCLA 6'3 227

Combine Results: 4.63 40 yard dash, 36" vertical jump...120" broad jump, 6.93 3 cone drill, 3.98 20 yard shuttle

Scouting Notes: Looks the part, tall with a well put together build, especially in his lower half, not tall and lanky, he's strong and well proportioned, big hands for a QB...Made 41 career starts at UCLA, should be more consistent given that amount of experience....Takes way too many sacks for an athletic QB, holds on to the football way too long...has a quick enough release but doesn't consistenly make his decisions on time...Gets caught looking at the rush when his first read isn't there instead of keeping his eyes down the field, kind of a one read and run guy similar to RG3 coming out but without the elite athletic ability, he's a very good athlete but not exceptional...When he does go through his progressions he does so way too slowly...Wasn't asked to think too much in the UCLA offense, his physical game is miles ahead of his mental game at this point...inconsistent ball placement misses high over the middle and behind his target too often, doesn't do well anticipating or throwing his man open, doesn't put the football in a place where receiver can do much after the catch...Very shaky footwork, rarely worked under center...his feet and eyes don't work as one like they should, too often throws off his back foot or off balance, even when he has a clean pocket...Needs to step up and climb the pocket when things are collapsing around him more consistently, is too quick to pull it down and run or escape the pocket under pressure, though that could be a product of the offensive system and not a flaw in his game, worst case scenario its a very correctable issue...Has good arm strength, can make all the NFL throws and drive it down the field vertically, but his velocity is hampered by poor footwork, when his footwork gets corrected he'll show much more arm strength, when he sets his feet and steps into his throws he flashes great zip...Puts a little too much air under his deep throws, allows DB's too much time to recover......Impressive natural athlete, good straight line speed and great easy acceleration, has some explosion in his legs, has a thick well developed lower half, legs look more like those of a RB than a QB...Not even close to being ready to start at next level but hes a very good developmental prospect, his flaws are coachable but his strengths are God given, with good coaching and patience he can develop into an NFL starter, he seems to be a likable and coachable kid according to coaches and teammates and expresses a desire to get better and excel, with good coaching he could become a solid NFL starter down the line.


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