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Sunday, 5 October 2014

5 QBs Under $6,000 That Could Make You One Million

Do you play Fantasy Football? If the answer is yes, this week is the most exciting opportunity in the history of the game. Win a MILLION DOLLARS playing Fantasy Football this week only! Go to and get in on the action.

The 1pm kickoffs can't come fast enough and this week is especially exciting - Someone is walking away with One Million Dollars for playing Fantasy Football. An incredible time to be a fan and Fantasy Player, this is a huge opportunity to make some serious cash doing something you love.

Roster construction can take many forms. You can use a balanced approach, allocating the 50k salary cap pretty evenly across positions. You could load up on stud RBs and find value elsewhere, or perhaps big time WRs are your thing. The possibilities are endless, and that just adds to the enjoyment and excitement. No matter which strategy you choose, it's critical to nail your QB. A horrible day from your QB almost certainly spells disaster.

Some people like safety in their QB and who can blame them. Consistent production and a shot at a great day can be a winning recipe. On the other hand, spotting a value priced QB who may be a little risky could provide the upside you need to separate your roster from the rest. Either way, find your comfort zone and choose the QB you think gives you the best shot at taking it down. For those that are willing to take their chance at greatness with an against the grain QB, we present 5 inexpensive QBs to take a look at:


  • Austin Davis, Stl. $5,600. The Rams travel to Philly for a game they will probably lose. However, consider a few factors in play here: 1. Davis was just named starter for remainder of year, should boost the confidence. 2. The Rams are coming off the bye. Rough start for the Rams, but HC Jeff Fisher has had some extra time to get the house in order. 3. The Eagles have allowed 10 TDs through the air so far, if they are up as expected it could bode well for Davis and the passing game.


  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, Hou. $5,500. Fitz and the Texans travel to Dallas this week. The Cowboys have actually played better than expected on D of late, but can still be beat through the air - 8 TDs allowed on the year. A 47 o/u, Fitz may have some time to throw if the 'Boys key in on stopping Arian Foster and the running game.  


  • Mike Glennon, TB. $5,500.Everyone is expecting the Bucs to get killed when they play the Saints, and they very well may. On the other hand, the Saints D has been a shell of what it was last year. An o/u of 48 and the Saints a 10 point favorite could be pointing to a lot of yardage for Glenning and co. as they play catch up.


  • Brian Hoyer, Cle. $5,200. Has held off Johnny Manziel so far and brings a 97.5 QB rating into the game. Not going to set the world on fire, but the Titans are coming off giving up 393 yards and 4 TDs to Andrew Luck and the Colts. Hoyer is no Luck on this or any other planet, but could make a little noise at a cheap price.


  • Drew Stanton, AZ. $5,000. Statement game for the Cards as they travel to Denver to face the Broncos. Both teams are coming in off their bye week for a late afternoon kickoff. An o/u set at 48, this one could be pretty entertaining and the Cards could surprise some folks.


Plenty of options on the board, all the way from high-priced studs to low cost value plays. Choose the startegy you feel best with, get your lineups in - - and good luck!


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