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Saturday, 18 October 2014

NFL Fantasy Week 7: Game by Game Analysis

Another 2 BYEs this week, so 15 Week 7 matchups... a quick look back at some good and back calls from Week 6.

Good Call of the week: LeSean McCoy and Eli Manning, nailed this one pretty good... They both had the same exact numbers of yards and touchdowns. 154
yards are 0 touchdowns... Good for a running back, bad for a quarterback.

Bad Call Of The Week: CJ Spiller and Rob Gronkowski, apparently I had them backwards

Without further delay, here is Week 7's game by game analysis.

In case you have forgotten or are new to this... here are my definitions:

Breakout Potential: This is the player that has the most upside in this match-up. It may be a top player that will shine a little brighter than expected or a player that isn't necessarily a must start that will exceed expectations.

Bust Watch: The player with the most to downside and the most to lose. Will likely underperform this week.

Super Sleeper: This is a player that is likely buried on someone's bench or a free agent that has the opportunity to surprise with a decent fantasy game.

Lottery Tickets: Feeling Lucky? Want to start a player that the league may laugh at you when you start, but will bow to you when you are right... try one of these players. WARNING: They are called Lottery Tickets for a reason, most won't pan out... so choose wisely... or play it safe and just stash one of these guys on your bench so you can lament later in the week, "AHH!! I ALMOST STARTED HIM!"


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