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Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Final Spot: Defense Edition-Who To Fill Your Last Spot

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If you've waited to pick your defense last, you might have to do some searching and have a little luck.  Let's look at a worst case scenario and assume you have less than $2500 left to spend on your defense.


Kansas City Chiefs  $2300

One advantage you'll have by picking the Chiefs is that not many people are going to have them in their lineup. Although San Francisco hasn't been the San Fran of old, their name and recent success over the past few years will keep most people away from the Chiefs defense.  But it's not all bad news for the Chiefs.  So far the Chiefs have held every quarterback they've faced to less than 270 yards.  And while they've faced some less than stellar talent at QB, they have faced Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Manning threw three touchdowns on them, but Colin Kaepernick is no Peyton Manning.  They've also been decent against wide receivers, allowing only one touchdown a game to opposing WR's.  They've only had two WR's to go for more than 100 yards against them (Emmanuel Sanders and Brandon LaFell).  They've been even better against running backs, not allowing any RB touchdowns whether receiving or running.  Lamar Miller is the only RB to go over 100 yards against them.  While they have allowed four tight end touchdowns, they keep their yardage low.  Through four games the Chiefs have allowed 26 points versus the Titans (fluke game), 24 versus Denver, 15 versus Miami, and 14 versus the Patriots. Kaepernick has also been sacked 10 times and have thrown the ball to the other team four times.  The Chiefs are heading in the right direction and you could do worse.


And that's it!  There is absolutely no one else I would want at less then $2500.  The Jets may be worth a look, as Rex Ryan has had moderate success in defending Philip Rivers and the Jets run defense is legit.  But I don't want to go against Rivers as hot as he is right now.  Baltimore might be an option, but not against Andrew Luck.  So if you have to go with someone who is this cheap, the Chiefs are your best bet.  


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