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Saturday, 4 October 2014

How Can A Zombie Help You Win One Million Dollars?

Do you play Fantasy Football? If the answer is yes, this week is the most exciting opportunity in the history of the game. Win a MILLION DOLLARS playing Fantasy Football this week only! Go to and get in on the action. 

Detroit Lions Rookie Tight End Eric Ebron appears to have hit the dreaded 'rookie wall'. In describing his feelings to the Detroit Free Press, Ebron explained "You start to get zombified sooner or later" and how "you just turn into a zombie mentally."

Detroit welcomes the Buffalo Bills this week for a 1pm kickoff. Buffalo comes in at 2-2 on the year following last week's 23-17 loss to the Houston Texans. Detroit stands at 3-1, having dispatched of the New York Jets 24-17 in Week 4.

Ebron saw increased action last week with starting TE Joseph Fauria out due to an ankle injury. The rookie finished the day with a line of 3/34/1 on 4 targets. Encouraging signs for the rookie, he could continue to see a decent amount of looks if Fauria remains out. Ebron's salary this week is a paltry $3,000. Just by matching last week's production, his point total will be 12.4. In a salary cap tournament structure with a $50,000 salary cap such as this one - - you will need players that can at a minimum provide 4x value.

What does this mean? For each $1,000 in salary cap you spend, you need to expect a return of 4. So for a $50,000 salary cap, you're setting a base of 200 points. Will 200 points mean that you win? Probably not, in a large tournament held under the same structure last weekend (but not for ONE MILLION DOLLARS), the top spot scored 236.54. Even at 4x return, you'll still need some players to exceed that multiple and for things to break right everywhere else.

When choosing your rosters, ask yourself a few simple questions: Can this player provide me 4x return on his salary? If yes, good candidate to include. If no, probably better to look elsewhere. Can this player provide me more than 4x return on his salary? If yes, keep him on the short list for inclusion. Ebron, at $3,000, could provide a decent return on investment as you play this weekend -




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