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Thursday, 4 December 2014

All Eight Division Leaders Can Miss The Playoffs

With 4 weeks remaining in the NFL Regular season, the impossible is still possible. Here is a closer look at four crazy events that could still take place in the NFL.

No. 4: The Rams win the NFC West:

This made our list last week, and while the chances have now decreased heavily, there is a mathematical chance that the Rams can still win the division. The Rams need to win out, the Cardinals to lose out, Seattle’s only win would be against the Cards, and the 49ers would beat AZ and Seattle but lose their other two games.

All four teams would finish at 9-7 and the Rams would have the best division record.

No. 3: Three 11-5 teams miss the playoffs:

This is actually not too hard to plan out. In my scenario, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and Cleveland all missed the playoffs at 11-5.

No. 2: The Texans take the top seed in the AFC:

This is number one because it would take a total of exactly 24 games going exactly perfect for this to happen. You can play out the scenario for yourself with ESPN’s playoff predictor. It is a lot of fun especially on a slow day a work.

No. 1: Every current division leader misses the playoffs!

Impossible? Not even close. The eight teams that currently lead their divisions all have teams right on their tails. 17 teams in the NFL currently have at least seven wins and that does not include someone knocking the Falcons out of their top spot and Houston at 6-6 taking the AFC South; so for the eight division leaders to completely miss the playoffs is not out of the realm of possibility. Still, it would be quite crazy.



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