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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dallas Cowboys: 5 Things On Their Holiday Wish List

Jerry Jones has never been afraid to speak his mind or open his checkbook to try and improve his franchise. Sometimes, that has come back to bit him on the butt and sometimes, some of his moves have proven to be solid ones for the franchise that used to be “America’s Team.”

Now, with a huge playing facility, a roster that is younger and has surprised many this season and a chance to get even better in the offseason, there are still questions that remain as the Cowboys look toward the playoffs.

Yes, I said playoffs.

Now as the holidays are here and it appears the Cowboys, having won 10 games, are on Santa’s “Good” list for a change. The playoffs are one of the many presents to be bestowed on the franchise year. But if the collective organization had a wish list, here are a few things it might ask for from Saint Nick.


At some point, we all thought Jerry Jones would get the message and realize one man cannot do it all in running an NFL franchise, Evidently, Jones still thinks he is the judge and jury of this team. There are plenty of good general managers out there who are just waiting for employment.

If Jones ever relinquished power, this could be one of the best organizations in the NFL, again. We are all still waiting.


The comments made after the NFL Draft, how Jones missed out on Johnny Manziel (I wonder how he feels about that now) was downright disgusting. Now, Jones and his staff have a chance to right that “Wrong” by taking Winston. The uber-talented FSU passer could be the top pick in the Draft next year. Don’t be surprised if Dallas deals to make that happen, especially if the deal involved DeMarco Murray.


He’s from Texas, grew up loving the Cowboys, and has spoken openly about finishing his career with the team. The Cowboys will have to decide whether they want to re-sign DeMarco Murray or take a shot at signing the best running back of this decade.

Peterson is probably on the shelf until May because of his suspension, but he is well worth the wait – as long as the Cowboys and their fans are willing to be patient.


Dallas’s defense has been much better than expected, but there is always room for improvement. They need a true pass rusher to replace DeMarcus Ware. Suh would be icing on the cake. I expect the Cowboys to be huge players in on the free agent market. Can Dallas sign both players and have money left over to help the secondary? Avril is still a young, solid pass rusher who will be a disruptive force.


Do you get the feeling Tony Romo will be doing Geritol commercials in the future? No quarterback takes the punishment in the NFL that Romo does. If he can hang on while the team grooms a new signal caller, Dallas will be set for a while. One more huge hit to Romo could mean despair for the franchise. Brandon Weeden is not the answer behind center. 


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