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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Discount Deadline Extended Due To Popular Request

 FFChamps Members: 

First want to take the time to congratulate all of you who made the Fantasy Playoffs and are fighting for your championships. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of emails, tweets, and messages on Facebook and LOVE hearing about our member’s success. 

We also want to thank you for the tremendous response to our early renewal offer. Due to many quests from members in their league’s championships and members trying to qualify for the DraftKings NFL World Championship this weekend, we are extending the early renewal pricing and the deadline for our playoff contest to December  28th at 11:59 pm (est). 

Remember, you are no longer getting auto-billed and our prices will greatly increase for all customers in the summer. Take advantage of our discount now and get a free entry into our NFL Playoff Fantasy League, reserved only for the members who renew before December 28th. Follow the simple instructions below to renew for 2015. 

Thanks again for helping us improve your source for great Fantasy Football strategy and advice by coming back now for 2015. 

Sign up early and get the 2015 Season At $29.95 

All you need to do is 

1) Use code "2015" on checkout in the code box and 

2) Renew by December 28th. You will still get ALL the benefits of early renewal detailed below. Our price after December 28th will be $99 for the 2015 Season. If you wait until the summer you'll be paying more and getting less.


You can renew 2 ways: 

1) By signing up and making a first time deposit with our daily fantasy partner Draft Kings 

2) By taking advantage of our Grandfather promise to renew by December 28th. Click here to help us help you. Use Promo Code 2015 at Checkout.


You will receive:

2 FREE Expert Advice Tokens ($19.90 cash value) for the 2015 season. FFC is the only advice service offering 1 on 1 Expert Advise.  

A FREE entry into our all new, cash prize Playoff Fantasy Football Contest starting Wild Card weekend

Thanks again for being a loyal customer, and best of luck in your fantasy playoffs and DFS contests Extraordinary Results For Fantasy Football Dominance 


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