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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Lions Comes Back Late To Top The Vikings: 3 Things We Learned

1. Teddy Bridgewater May Be The Quarterback Of The Future, But He Needs Help

While he did throw two picks, Bridgewater had an overall decent game against the Lions. He fared way better than he did the first time the two teams faced off, when the Vikings put up just three points. This game, like last game, though, Bridgewater received very little help from the rest of his offense. Once considered one of the best supporting casts that a quarterback could ask for, this offense has been very stale. Matt Asiata, who is averaging 3.3 yards per carry, is currently leading the rushing attack, while no receiver is on pace for more than 750 yards. Cordarrelle Patterson has gained more than twice his receiving yards (366) through kick returns (824).


2. The Lions' Offense Will Have To Pick Up The Pace In The Postseason

Averaging just 20.1 points per game, the Lions are ranked 23rd in scoring. They showed what they are capable of, scoring 34 points in two consecutive games, but they have often struggled to get on the board. Receivers Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate have both been very productive, but the are averaging just 3.4 yards per run. They have also managed to convert just 39% of their third downs, putting them in the bottom half of the NFL. It is well-known that this team has a playoff-caliber defense, but to make a deep run, your team has to be among the best on both sides of the ball.


3. Both Teams Have Very Potent Defenses

From holding the Lions to a combined 33 points to allowing the Redskins to put up 26, the Vikings have had their defensive struggles. This group, though, has improved a ton. They allowed 40% of their points from Weeks 2-5, but have been extremely good since. The Vikings have allowed just 17.7 points per game if you exclude Weeks 2-5. On the other side, there is the Lions, who have a defense that has gotten plenty of recognition for their production. The Lions have the number one scoring defense and have stopped opponents on third down 64% of the time, which is good for third in the league.


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