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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Things On The Team's Holiday Wish List

Shad Khan wants a winner. He has stated it from day one and has been a major part of the decision making when it comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars roster, the development of the organization and the changes in and around EverBank Field. Now, he is looking to make more changes to help the team get better. There has never been a more crucial time in the team’s history as right now – after two years of rebuilding and a real change to make a splash in free agency (and in the swimming pool inside the stadium) and with re-signing key players to the roster for 2015.

The Jaguars may be a team a year or two form making a true impact on the NFL and a playoff run, but there are signs of success, especially on the defensive line. And for the youngest team in the NFL, that can only be helped if veteran leadership is added and improvements are made in game planning every week.

The holidays are here. The weather outside is delightful, the wins this season are dismal. Since there’s no place for this team to go after the regular season, it can at least hope for some good will from Santa. Here are five things on the Jaguars’ wish list this year.


OK. Let’s state the obvious. This is a team that will not win the same amount of games in 2014 as they did last season. There needs to be a giant leap in the win/loss column next season or it could be a short stay for both Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell.


This is a huge leap of faith to bring in a huge running back like Lynch who has played on a contender like Seattle and like his former teammates, Chris Clemons and Red Bryant, ask him to endure losses. Playing for Gus Bradley may quell that, but Lynch is not a happy camper in Seattle and is not a media darling. If the Jaguars could obtain him, it would be a huge coup for this franchise.


The former Clay High School star here in town should be high on the team’s list of free agents. Obtaining Avril may be a lot easier than taking a shot at Lynch. The Jaguars defense is good but lacks a pass rusher the league must plan for. Avril may not be DeMarcus Ware or JJ Watt, but he still pretty good.


The continuation of the maturation process of Blake Bortles is key to more wins next season. There are times when Bortles looks like Ben Roethlisberger and then there are times when he looks like Tim Couch. Bortles will be this team’s franchise quarterback for the next decade, but it will take another year for him to fully grasp the NFL experience. Anything more will be considered another failure in Jacksonville.


Last season, the Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell did his best to build a defensive unit that is pretty darn good. Now, the offense needs help. There are several spinning tops on the front line, especially at tackle. Will there be enough free agents who can come in and make a difference. Mike Iupati from San Francisco is a guard who may be on the team’s radar. Bryan Bulaga and Gabe Carimi could be on the team’s radar as well.


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