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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hey Packers’ Fans…You Want to Trade Places With Other Fans?

Hey Packers’ Fans…You Want to Trade?

For Green Bay Packers’ fans everywhere the beer tastes awful and the winter will be colder after that debacle in Seattle.   For the second time in this Millennium, the Green Bay Packers gave away a playoff game that was in the bag.   In the 2003 “4th and 26” game the Packers just had to gain a few inches with the NFL’s leading rusher in their backfield and that game would have been over.  Another inch or two on Brandon Bostick’s vertical would have clinched the Seattle game.   For the Green Bay Packers football truly has been a game of inches in two important games since 2000.   While the 2003 Packers still had to win another game to get to the Super Bowl, they seemed destined to get there.   The 2014 Packers were right on the doorstep.   When people are emotionally spent and down they can be really taken advantage of.   Now is the time to work a trade with the Packers’ fans.


Jim Mora once went crazy when he felt a local reporter was prematurely talking about the playoffs.   The Packers have made the playoffs SIX seasons in a row.   Not good, enough Packers’ fans?   How about trading places with the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, or St. Louis Rams?   All of those teams are working on a playoff drought of ten seasons or more.   In fact, almost half the teams in the league made the playoffs in 2012 or earlier.   Two seasons in the NFL is an eternity and some big name teams with good quarterbacks have missed the playoffs since 2012 – Giants, Falcons.

Playoff Wins?

The Packers won a playoff game this season.  Remember that?   If you don’t think that’s good enough, then consider the plight of other teams’ fans.   It has been a whopping 24 SEASONS since the Cincinnati Bengals have won a playoff game.   The now retired, Brett Favre, was not even in the league the last time the Bengals won a playoff game!   In fact TEN teams have waited TEN or more seasons for a playoff win.   (Cleveland Browns gagged away a huge lead in their best chance to win a playoff game in 2002…how would that feel, Packers’ fans?).   Over half the league has a playoff drought that stretches from 2011 and back.   Once again…remember the 50% turnover in playoff teams.

Conference Championship Appearances?

The Packers are 1-2 in NFC Conference Championship games since 2007.   Boo-hoo…woe is them!   The Houston Texans have been around since 2002 and have yet to make it to a conference championship game.   15 teams have not been to the Conference Championship game since the first of THREE recent appearances of the Packers.  

Conference Championship Wins?

Still wallowing in self-pity, Packers’ fans?   Well, let’s put into perspective your ONE Conference Championship win in 2010.   The Cowboys, Redskins, Raiders – collective winners of ELEVEN Super Bowls last won a conference championship game in 1995, 1991, and 2002 respectively.   Those three championship franchises would gladly trade for this terrible “problem” the Packers have currently.

Super Bowl Appearances?

Think the Packers measly five Super Bowl appearances are unacceptable?   Only FIVE franchises have appeared in the Super Bowl more times than the Packers have…FIVE.   The Packers are not exactly getting blown out of the water in appearances either.   Three teams have appeared in the Super Bowl eight times each.   Of course, four NFL teams have NEVER been in the Super Bowl (Lions, Browns, Texans, and Jaguars).   17 teams have appeared in the Super Bowl two times or less.

Super Bowl Wins?

FOUR Super Bowl wins…FOUR??!!!??? That’s it, Packers’ fans?   Hang your heads in shame or better yet remember that only THREE franchises have won more – Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers.   The Steelers are at the top of the list with six Lombardi Trophies, but once again the Packers are not exactly trailing them by miles.  A whopping 24 teams have two wins or fewer in the Super Bowl.   The Cowboys and Patriots have been to the Super Bowl 8 times each yet have only managed to win 5 and 3 (possibly 4) Super Bowls in their numerous appearances.

Take Your Medicine…BUT

Over the next 7 months, fans of other NFL teams will jab the Packers’ fans with “chokers” and other colorful metaphors but the truth is 28 other teams would have almost killed to be in the position the Packers were in on Conference Championship Sunday.   As long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy and performing at a high level, the Green Bay Packers will have a chance to win the Super Bowl and add to their incredible championship legacy.  

Finally, consider the subsequent seasons of three recent spectacular sports collapses:  2004 New York Yankees (lost 3-0 lead over the Red Sox; led game 4 and 5 in late innings); 2006 New England Patriots (led AFC Championship Game 21-6 at halftime; 34-31 with 3:22 left and had the ball); 2013 San Antonio Spurs (led series 3-2; game 5 was in the bag…Miami fans were leaving).   All three of these “chokers” made the playoffs the following season.   The Spurs won the championship and the Patriots came within seconds (and a miraculous helmet catch) of winning the Super Bowl and completing a 19-0 season.   All is not lost, Packers’ fans.  The 2015 Packers can either let the bitter defeat in Seattle linger and drag their season down or they can use it as fuel to go back and complete the job.

It’s Just a Football Game

As this is going up on Football Nation, final funeral arrangements have been made for Packers’ Coach Mike McCarthy’s brother, Joe.   Joe McCarthy, Jr., died suddenly Wednesday morning just before Coach McCarthy was to face the local and national media for the final time this season.   So the most important thing to remember Packers and NFL fans – it’s just a game.   


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