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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Ranking The Super Bowl Champions From 1 To 48

Super Bowl TrophyRanking the Super Bowl Champions is a very difficult task because a

lot of the comparisons are subjective.
These rankings took a much more statistical view of ranking the Super Bowl Champions.

Each of the Super Bowl Champions were ranked in 7 different categories (Record, Points Per Game (PPG), Yards Per Game (YPG), Points Allowed Per Game (PAPG), Yards Allowed Per Game (YAPG), Point Differential, Yardage Differential)

Those 7 categories were weighted: 20% Best of PPG/PAPG Rank, 20% Best of YPG/YAPG Rank, 20% Point Differential Rank, 15% Worst of PPG/PAPG Rank, 15% Worst of YPG/YAPG Rank, 5% Regular Season Record Rank, 5% Yardage Differential Rank)

This gave a little more emphasis to the team's strength whether it was offensive or defensive and would still give an advantage to teams that dominated on both sides of the ball.

***If you have a team that did not win the Super Bowl and see where they would have ranked if they had, leave that in the comments and I will calculate it for you***

The 2008 New England Patriots (16-0) ranking will be listed within the 2008 New York Giants.


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