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Monday, 9 February 2015

Can the Seattle Seahawks Ever Get Over It's Super Bowl Faux Pas

Super Bowl 49 is over.  And if I told you that the Seattle Seahawks had the ball on the one yard line, in the fourth quarter with less than 25 seconds left and a score wins the Super Bowl, you know what you are thinking. 

Ah, but you would be so wrong.  The Seahawks did not win the game.  Russell Wilson is not the hero.  And Marshawn Lynch did not see the ball in his hands. 

Here are some of the more reasoned reactions to the last play of the game:

@DeionSanders: "That was the worst play call in @SuperBowl history." @nflnetwork

@JackMagruder: "#Patriots LB Collins, asked if he was surprised Lynch did not get the ball at the goal line: "Why wouldn't you give it to Beast Mode?"

@EmmittSmith22: "That was the worst play call I've seen in the history of football."

@IUJGray: "@YahooForde This has to be up there with Vandevelde, Merke's Boner, Red Sox 86, etc. on history's most brutal losses list." Yes

@Billbarnwell: "Darrell Bevell's never going to get a head-coaching interview again."

@ShowtimeTate: "If I am Marshawn Lynch I'm livid."

And then of course there is offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell's comment,  "We could have done a better job staying strong on the ball."  His blatant suggestion that wide receiver Ricardo Lockette could have been stronger in finishing his route.

Was the play an attempt to make Russell Wilson hero of the game?

Was the play an attempt to show Marshawn Lynch the Seahawks could win without him?

Or was it a reasonable play given what the New England Patriots defense was giving the offense?

The play call is univerally heralded as a bad call.  But bad calls are made daily.  The question is will the Seahawks survive this one really bad call. 

Let's see:

The offensive coordinator called out his wide receiver.  It was subtle.  But Bevell was driving the bus that ran over Lockette.  Bad form.

The premier running back in the league has a chance to win the Super Bowl in a contract year.  The ball isn't given to him. 

Is it bad boy versus good boy?  It is a standard and tired reality.  We see things in their simplest form.  Lynch is the bad boy.  Wilson is the good boy.  Good PR?  Regardless, many saw the play as the Seahawks attempting to make Wilson the hero of the Super Bowl.  It didn't happen. 

And then there is the 24 hour news cycle.  There is not a day that NFL Network doesn't show "the play" from the Super Bowl.  It stings. 

There are many forms of survival. 

The Seahawks are favorite to make it back to the Super Bowl next year.  That's nice. 

This team has to overcome the fact that everyone in the known universe, had the "W" in the Seahawks favor with 25 seconds left to go in the game.  They were on the half yard line with the ball, a timeout, and the best running back in the league on their side.  And they passed the ball in the middle of the field.  The rest as they say is history.

History is hard to overcome. 

The Seahawks will be having nightmares about this one for a long time. 

And unfortunately, nightmares have a way of becoming reality. 


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