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Saturday, 28 February 2015

NFL Draft Rewind: Ranking The Best No. 3 Picks In Draft History

The third overall pick in the draft is usually overlooked, with most of the media attention going toward who will be taken first, naturally.

But as I went back through the previous drafts over the years, and we went back really far ladies and gentlemen let me warn you now, I found that there were hall-of-famers and players of that calibre scattered all over the place.

Maybe the guys on this list felt like they had something to prove to everyone and the teams that skipped on them in the draft, but for whatever reason they put together, or are in the process of, incredible careers.

Obviously there has to be a disclaimer about numbers and statistics when it comes to comparing players from today's game to those of 50 years ago, what I'm ranking some of the older names on this list for is their impact on the game at the time and the legacy they left behind.

So while it may seem that the numbers are lower by today's standards, at the time they were worthy of pro-bowl selection and eventually places in the hall of fame. 

And if there is someone I've missed in this collection I do apologise, my knowledge of the game before the 1980s isn't as strong as yours, being 23 years old doesn't help me out too much in this case.

So without further ado and rambling, here are the top ten players that were taken with the third overall pick in the draft.

And before you get excited, there is no Vince Young appearance coming up.


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