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Friday, 13 February 2015

Why The Cowboys Should Let DeMarco Murray Walk

DeMarco Murrey vs Seahawks


The Dallas Cowboys' organization made some difficult decisions last year by letting DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher walk in free agency. It was the right decision as Rod Marinelli took over the defense and managed to get production out of developing players. It allowed them to clear some cap space and get younger. The organization has made a lot of wise decisions the last 18 months and if they can continue to do so are looking at some promising years in front of them.

Obviously the hot topic is whether they should sign DeMarco Murray at RB. He had a monster year and this may be his only shot at landing a huge contract. We all know the life span of a RB in the NFL is short. We can't fault him if he doesn't accept the offer from the Cowboys. The Cowboys should let him get paid elsewhere and he should be thankful. He has this opportunity in free agency after playing behind what may be the best offensive line in the NFL. Thus is the reality at the RB position in today's NFL.

The Cowboys are staring at one of the deepest talent pools of RBs in this year's draft. There are 3 RBs the Cowboys can target that will immediately fill the void of losing Murray.  Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin, Todd Gurley from Georgia and Jay Ajayi from Boise State are all top tier talent at the RB position in this year's draft. Although taking a RB in the first round hasn't been popular in recent years, it is exactly what the organization should do. All three of these backs are big enough to be a force in pass blocking, can catch the ball, have break away speed on the outside and can run between the tackles.

They will then have the luxury of drafting nothing but defense after that and let Marinelli do his thing. If they do this they are set for the next few years at the skill positions and can keep clearing cap space as they develop younger talent. Addition through subtraction is always a difficult decision but is necessary for the future of the franchise.


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