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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

First Round Pick Analysis By Division: NFC East

Dallas Cowboys:

The Cowboys have holes in every line of defense, but their biggest one remains on offense: halfback. This class of runners is considered one of the deepest in recent years, so there is a possibility that the Cowboys opt for a defensive player. None of the first-round pass rushers are expected to fall to 27 though, so they will have to trade up if they feel strongly enough about one. There are a few linebackers that may sneak their way into the bottom of the first round, but the other needs are more apparent. As for defensive back, no free safety would be worth drafting at that position, but corner is a likely option. If the Cowboys do draft a running back in the first round, they would have to trade up ahead of the Chargers or the Cardinals to secure one of the top two guys or sit back as see what happens, as both the Chargers and Cardinals have glaring needs outside of running back.

Top Three Prospects:

1.) Todd Gurley - RB   Georgia

2.) Melvin Gordon - RB   Wisconsin

3.) Kevin Johnson - CB   Wake Forest

New York Giants:

The Giants have a very well-rounded offense, with talent at just about every position. The lone hole for the Giants is their left guard position, assuming Weston Richburg moves back to center. That can be filled with Brandon Scherff, who many expect them to take. However, the Giants might feel the need to go defense, with plenty of holes in that unit. Outside of Devon Kennard, they do not have anyone very promising at the linebacker position, while they could use another run stopper to play beside Johnathan Hankins, and both of their safety spots are now holes with their previous incumbents now gone.

Top Three Prospects:

1.) Brandon Scherff - OG   Iowa

2.) Malcom Brown - DT   Texas

3.) Landon Collins - SS   Alabama

Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles made some holes with their trades, then filled them with free agents, but they did leave some holes wide open, making their draft plans quite apparent, assuming Chip Kelly does not get all fancy and do something like trade Bradford for a pick to then acquire Marcus Mariota. The holes that they currently do not have filled are wide receiver, right guard, corner, and safety. Guard can be filled with one of the second-round prospects while this is a very deep wide receiver class, and this draft only have one safety that is expected to step in right away--and succeed. If Landon Collins is not there, their next best option would be to go with a corner, with Marcus Peters, Kevin Johnson, and Jalen Collins all possibly available at 20.

Top Three Prospects:

1.) Landon Collins - SS   Alabama

2.) Marcus Peters - CB   Washington

3.) Kevin Johnson - CB   Wake Forest

Washington Redskins:

For a team that is picking in the top five, they have a lot of talent. They picked up quality free agents and limited the holes on their team, leaving just right tackle, corner, and safety as ones that need to be addressed right away. They can wait to address their front seven, as they have some developing talent at those positions. There is no tackle worth picking as high as five, so they would have to trade way down if they want to select one in the first round. There are some good second-round prospects though, and it is more likely that they take one their as opposed to Day 1. The class of defensive backs is similar, but the safety class is weak beyond Landon Collins and there are some nice corners they can select if they trade back to the middle of the round. I fully expect them to trade back, with the Browns and Saints being the likeliest options.

Top Three Prospects:

1.) Landon Collins - SS   Alabama

2.) Trae Waynes - CB   Michigan State

3.) Marcus Peters - CB   Washington


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