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Friday, 3 April 2015

NFL 2015: 5 Best Defensive Coordinators In The NFL

Spoiler alert St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Willliams, is the best defensive coordinator in the NFL not named to a head coaching position.

Are there four more defensive coordinators out there? 

Jim Schwartz who did a masterfull job in Buffalo is out of a job right now.  Todd Bowles who was named best defensive coordinator in 2014, with the Arizona Cardinals is now head coach for the New York Jets.  And Dan Quinn who has been the creator and head of the Legion of Boom is now the head coach for the Atlanta Falcons. 

So who is going to step up for the 2015 season, I mean besides Williams?

Here are the five best defensive coordinators in the NFL for 2015.  Don't worry even with a spoiler alert I haven't ruined it for you.


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