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Friday, 17 April 2015

The Top 10 Uniforms in the NFL

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns released the team's new uniforms for the 2015 season, so now seems like an appropriate time to take a glance at the top 10 uniforms in the league.

What makes a list like this so fun to put together is the fact that there really is no wrong way to do it. There are some NFL uniforms that would appear in every fan's top 10 list, and there are definitely some that would appear in everyone's worst 10 uniforms list, but most of it is based on opinion.

For me personally, old school style is the best, so if fans are looking for new modern uniforms such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans to be on this list, readers will likely be disappointed. This list does feature some "newer" looks, but we mostly stuck with the classic styles.

The Browns uniforms of the last 80 years would have been a great candidate for this list as it was a classic, old school style. The new Cleveland uniforms, however, are more likely to make the worst 10 uniforms list.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 uniforms in the NFL.


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