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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The 10 Biggest S.O.B.'s In The NFL Right Now

10.  DT Ray McDonald - San Francisco 49ers

Ray McDonald was arrested on August 30th, 2014 on charges of domestic violence.  As of today, the case has yet to go to trial and is in the hands of the district attorney's office.  As a result, no actions have been taken by the NFL or the San Francisco 49ers.  However, due to the nature of this arrest, and the potential results that could be handed down, I have included Ray McDonald in the list, but rank him the lowest until a legal ruling has been decided.

9.   WR Josh Gordon - Cleveland Browns

Josh Gordon quickly developed into the sure handed receiver the Cleveland Browns drafted him to become during the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft.  During the off-season, Gordon tested positive again for marijuana again, which is his second violation of the leagues' substance abuse policy.  Since he was already suspended last season for the same infraction, the NFL originally suspended Gordon for the entire 2014 season, but his suspension was later reduced to 10 games by the league.

Cleveland has gotten off to a terrific start this season behind the relaible arm of Brian Hoyer.  When taking into consideration the additions the Browns made this off-season, and how well the team has played, you can't help but wonder how good the Browns might be right now, had Gordon not been suspended again for drug usage.

8.  LB Aldon Smith - San Francisco 49ers

Aldon Smith is highly regarded as one of the top defensive players on the San Francisco 49ers' roster.  He led the 49ers and tied for 5th overall in the league with 14.0 sacks during his rookie season.  He returned to lead the 49ers again with 19.5 sacks during his sophomore season, good enough for second overall in the league behind J.J. Watt (20.5).

Smith ran into trouble during the 2013 season, missing 5 games while he checked into rehab for alchoholism.  Smith finished tied as the team's leading sacker with 8.5 sacks during his 11 games played in last season.

Unfortunately for the 49ers, Aldon Smith's off the field troubles continued during the off-season, when Smith was suspended by the NFL for 5 games due to violating the league's conduct policy, and 4 games for violating the leagues' drug policy.  As a result, the 49ers defense has struggled this season without their top pass rusher on defense.  San Francisco has only produced 5 sacks so far (3 by Justin Smith) through five games, averaging only one sack per game.

7.  WR Brandon Marshall - Chicago Bears

Following an on the field incident while with the Miami Dolphins, Brandon Marshall was traded to the Chicago Bears.  As a result, the Dolphins added former Pittsburgh Steelers' veteran receiver Mike Wallace, who has performed well, while Marshall has continued his successful career becoming Jay Cutler's target of choice down field.

Brandon Marshall has had his share of on and off the field altercations during his NFL career.  His records dating back to 2004 would be too long to list in this article, but consists of numberous domestic violence reports and arrests.  In 2012, he was diagnosed with Borderline-Personality, a mental health condition in which a person has long-term patterns of unstable or turbulent emotions. These inner experiences often result in impulsive actions and chaotic relationships with other people.

While Marshall doesn't deserve to be suspended for charges and actions over two years old, he clearly has a history of troublesome behavior both on and off the field.

6.  LB Daryl Washington - Arizona Cardinals

Daryl Washington tested positive again for marijuana during the off-season, and as a result was suspended for the entire 2014 season by the NFL.  Washington could also face further league discipline from the NFL before all is sid and done, resulting from him being found guilty of assault during the off-season, from an arrest that took place on May 4th, of 2013.

Washington has been a key part of Arizona's success during the past four seasons, and has been one of the Cardinals' top defeders during his tenure in Arizona.  Last season, Washington followed up his breakout year in 2012 with 75 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 picks, and 11 pass deflections.  Those numbers have been missed this season, and like Josh Gordon (Browns) listed above, you can't help but wonder how good the Cardinals would be right now if he hadn't been suspended.

5.  RB Jonathan Dwyer - Arizona Cardinals

Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on a domestic violence charge on September 17th, 2014 from an altercation that took place back in July of this year.  Arizona immediately deactivated Dwyer, who remains on the Cardinals roster until a legal ruling is decided in court.

Dwyer entered this season as the primary backup to running back Andre Ellington, but he saw limited action during the first two weeks of the season, before the arrest and deactivation took place.  With Ellington healthy and playing well, the loss of Dwyer should be of little consequence to the Cardinals this season.

4.  S Will Hill - Baltimore Ravens

Will Hill was signed by the Baltimore Ravens to give their secondary a big lift at the safety position this season.  Unfortunately for the Ravens, before the season began, Hill tested positive for performance enhancement drugs, and was suspended for 6 weeks as a result.  There was specualtion his suspension would be reduced, but the reduction never took place.

As a New York Giant last season, Hill was effective in run support and pass coverages.  The Ravens had planned on having Hill start opposite of Matt Elam.  Hill is nearing the end of his suspension, and while the Ravens have played well without him, they will certainly be expecting more production from their secondary when he returns.

3.  DE Greg Hardy - Carolina Panthers

Pro-Bowl defensive lineman Greg Hardy was originally arrested on May 13th, 2014 on charges of domestic violence.  Hardy was originally found guilty of domestic violence, and communication threats in July.  Despite the ruling, it went overlooked by the Carolina Panthers until the fiaso with Adrian Peterson took place.  Following the Peterson incident, the Panthers' and Hardy agreed to have Hardy placed on the Commisioner's exempt list until his appeal case is decided by a jury.  In actuality, he's on paid suspention, as the appeal case likely wont take place until sometime in 2015 due to backcases.

Hardy's deactivation for the remaining 15 games of this season has already had a cripilling effect on the Panthers' defense.  Hardy is their premier pass rusher, leading the team in sacks during both of the past two seasons, with 11.0 sacks in 2012, and 15.0 sacks in 2013.

The Panthers have received a lift from defensive end Mario Addison, who has 4 sacks already this season, but they can't lose a top tier pass rusher without it effecting wins and losses.  Right now the Panthers are barely a .500 team, after finishing last season 12-4 and winning the NFC South.

2.  RB Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson was indicted in September on a felony charge for injury to a child (child abuse).  The charge stems from an accusation that Peterson had disciplined his child using a switch (wooden stick or rod).  After Peterson turned himself in, the Vikings quickly deactivated him until his legal issues are resolved.

Peterson was placed on the Commisoner's exempt list, which means Peterson, like Greg Hardy, will continue to get paid his weekly profits from games until a legal verdict is reached.  Unfortunately for the Minnesota Vikings, Peterson recently admitted to smoking marijuana prior to a court drug test, so it's very likely his bond will be revoked and another warrant for his arrest will be issued.

Adrian Peterson is one of the games most historic running backs in recent memory, and his loss has not helped the Vikings' quest to return to post-season play.  Expectations were higher this season in Minnesota, after the Vikings drafting young quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, but without Peterson on the field, the team is struggling to get out of last place in the NFC North.  There have been rumors floating around that Peterson has played his last game for the Vikings, if so, the Vikings might need to completely rebuild their existing offense.

1.  Ray Rice - Free Agent

Ray Rice avoided prosecution after knocking out his wife in an elevator during the off-season.  After a video of the altercation was made available to the public by the media, the Baltimore Ravens immediately distanced themselves from the situation and Rice himself, by terminating Rice's contract and releasing him.

The NFL followed up his release from the Ravens by suspending him indefinetely, or banning him, if you will, from the league.  As a result, the Ravens lost their premier rusher, which should have resulted in less offensive production this season.  However, running back Justin Forsett has made the most of this opportunity, and has quickly established himself as the top rusher in the Ravens' offense.

After veiwing the video, if there is one player that clearly deserves to never play for another NFL team, it's Ray Rice!  It would be a shame if the NFL were to ever reactivate Rice, what kind of message would that send?


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