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Friday, 3 October 2014

Are You Crazy Enough To Take Any Jags For A Shot At One Million?

Do you play Fantasy Football? If the answer is yes, this week is the most exciting opportunity in the history of the game. Win a MILLION DOLLARS playing Fantasy Football this week only! Go to and get in on the action. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars are bad. They come into the week sporting an 0-4 record and have been outscored by 94 points. Ninety-four. They have allowed 1,805 yards on the year for an average of 451.3, both worst in the league. Current odds to reach the Super Bowl have them listed at 750-1, ahead of only the Oakland Raiders.

Pittsburgh comes to town this week with a 2-2 record, suffering a last-minute heartbreaking loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs last week. The Steelers are angry and they can put up points - currently averaging 24.3 on the year. Vegas currently has the line set at a 47 o/u with Pittsburgh a 6 point favorite. It would be crazy to roster any Jags this week with ONE MILLION DOLLARS on the line - right?

Consider this: there are only 5 games on the board with an o/u higher than this game. Expanding on that, the Steelers are only a 6 point favorite. Six points. According to the oddsmakers, the Jags will be relatively competitive and score some points. If we take the o/u of 47 and subtract the 6 point line, that leaves us 41. Dividing that by 2, we have 20.5 on each side. To the Steelers side of the ledger we can add back the 6 points we subracted. Where does that take us? Pittsburgh 26.5-20.5. Rounding to something that makes sense, Steelers 27-21, for a total of 48. Slightly over the projected o/u, but this gives us a ballpark for our projections.

Our ballpark projections tell us that the Jags could score 21 points. 3 TDs can make or break a roster on a Sunday. Where might those points come from on the Jags side? Pittsburgh has a total Points Against of 99. Of those 99, there have been 7 TDs through the air allowed and an additional 3 TDs allowed on the ground. Looks like about a 2-1 margin. The Jags are projected at 21 points, 2 TDs through the air and another on the ground sounds about right.

Jags QB Blake Bortles has a salary of $5,200 this week. Leading the Jags in targets, WR Allen Robinson sits at $3,000 this week. Second on the Jags in targets, WR Allen Hurns will cost $4,500. A couple of low cost combos can be built here, are you willing to pull the trigger?

Sometimes we need to think outside the box in order to have some success in large tournaments. This week - - there is an incredible opportunity on the table.


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