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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Top 10 Dynasty League Fantasy Football Rookies

All offseason dynasty diehards have been scouring over scouting reports and watching highlight clips, drooling over this incoming class of rookies and formulating early rankings. Now, finally, we know who is playing where, and we can really begin finalizing our preparation for the upcoming rookie drafts.

It's important to differentiate dynasty leagues from redraft leagues. In dynasty, the view of a player is a long-term one -- not necessarily who will make the biggest impact as a rookie.

The following slideshow is my personal ranking of the top 10 rookies for dynasty leagues. It's probably not going to be the same as other rankings you've seen. But isn't that the point? I didn't compile them in an effort to be contrarian; I just put together my honest assessment.

Ceiling, college production and situation are the main factors I take into account when formulating my rankings.

A receiver could have loads of talent, but if his team's quarterback play projects to be poor for the foreseeable future, that's obviously going to affect him. Does the player sit at the bottom of a loaded depth chart, or does he have a fairly clean path to playing time?

Where a player was taken in the NFL Draft is also noteworthy, as early-round picks typically get every opportunity to succeed since the organization has significant capital invested in them.

The quandary I agonize over each year with rookie drafts is whether to take the high-risk, high-reward guy or opt for the safer play. That internal struggle bears out in my rankings, as you'll see. Someone may be a safer pick, which I categorize as a player extremely unlikely to flop, but he may never be a true difference-making star. While others may have the ability to be that top-tier stud but could just as easily be a complete bust.

That's the beauty of dynasty football. It's as close to being a real-life general manager as we can get. 


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